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Swords and Souls Swords and Souls

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is an excellent game with a lot of potential, especially for a (hopeful) sequel. I understand the game was made 2 years ago, so you may not get to read this, but I hope you do. I'll list out below the pro's (what I enjoyed), the cons (what I didn't enjoy), and suggestions.


Art Style: I really, really liked the animation style you went for. It brings out a lot of nostalgia from old newgrounds that I really enjoyed back then - such as thing-thing arena, Madness Combat, EBF, etc. The characters are memorably drawn and very colorful. And I love the wide array of characters and enemies that I encounter. I feel like I'm immersed in your limitless imagination of fantasy, world, and characters and this is definitely one of the parts where I felt you shined the most.

Music: The music really helps bring out the feel of the art style, world, combat, training, and interactions. I really like the music and would definitely love to be able to download it and listen to it. Especially the music in the overworld and in-between combat. It feels especially relaxing. Something I could put for studying.

Gameplay - simple yet effective. It was very addicting and while nothing new, it's definitely a classic that brings back a lot of fond childhood memories from early newgrounds that I enjoyed so much. When I'm training, I actually do feel like it's "actual" training for real combat, and I feel like it's so immersive and that I'm training as the character himself. The combat was a bit fun and I get to watch how my character fares against the new upcoming hordes. And I also enjoyed finding the little secrets in the game.

Con's and suggestions:

Now don't feel too bad. Every game has cons. Otherwise it'd have 5 star rating, and no submission ever whether on newgrounds or youtube has a consistent, eternal 5 star rating, though some of them have gotten pretty close.

Gameplay: yes, I really enjoyed the gameplay. But it does feel... limited at times. The training was fun to begin with, and then got really monotonous and repetitive. And as the reviewer below stated, the description said "5 fun minigames", but in reality it's 3 fun minigames, one okay minigame, and one bad minigame. And they all start getting a bit annoying later when you're grinding them for levels to get through survival. As for the main combat, there were only 30 waves, and while that SEEMS to be a lot, I got through the 30 waves in less than a day. And survival gets boring after a while.*


-Change up the style of gaining experience points and not just through combat, feeding the plant, or training. Side quests could be fun, if you implement them right. Doesn't have to be combat oriented. This could also open an opportunity to explore other lands and make the world more open and not just based on a single map. Other lands could mean different territories, different land, and secret discoveries. And it could make this game a lot more potentially fun.

-Add a story, not just "Oh, I'm training to fight through hordes of enemies". While fun and addicting at FIRST, it does get boring after a while when you're doing something and you don't know why. The fun from the gameplay like that can only hold so long before it gets boring.

-More array of allies, enemies and classes and type-advantage strategies. First, since there are both male and female characters, we might want to be able to choose between gender for the main character. Also might want to add strengths and weaknesses against certain elements. Adding some allies in your quest could be fun if you have someone like a sidekick or assistant to fight alongside of you. You could train "with the sidekick" and opens a huge array of minigames you could do with them. You could also develop special relationships with the said ally and get to know his or her side story, and they could help you in not just combat but in world discovery. Something to think about. Type advantages could also make the game a bit more fun. You could make the character have different classes, like magic (guns), tech (guns), warrior (sword, spears, etc). Elemental type advantages could also be fun. But don't overdo it. This game shines in its simplicity and easy to understand gameplay. So maybe something along the original triangle like water > fire, fire > earth, earth > water, etc. This also helps with the world-building I talked about before. And adds a few extra layers to the game instead of just "train", "attack", rinse and repeat.

This is a wonderful little game, and like some people said below, this does deserve to go not just on newgrounds, but you can expand to either Steam or iTunes/Googleplay. Yes it's that good. Just a few things I feel you need to fix.

But it's your game. Take what you want from my review, trash what suggestions you feel aren't helpful, and I look forward to a potential sequel! Kudos to a good game, and looking forward to the next game that I can call not just "good" but "excellent"/

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SoulGame responds:

Thanks for your words, it's really cool as creators to be awarded by such a dedicated review.
I'm sending your compliment for the art style to Kuho, SoulGam's artist. And I'm personally very happy you loved my music, it's available on Soundcloud for free listening and I hope that will bring you nice grades for your studies!

I smiled while reading your cons part, because, one: I agree with all of it, and two: I've been working on those issues since 2 years now! For the upcoming Steam sequel, the training will be richer and will offer more depth as the game go. We're basically trying to make each training an almost standalone game. And no more shitty mini games like the critical...

I had fun reading your suggestions as well because, at this point I can't really go crazy with new addition for the sequel, but a huge part of what you mentioned is already in actually!
- A world map to explore
- A better town with more interaction
- New enemies, with richer patterns/abilities
- Male/Female playable hero and more customization for hero "class"
- Pets (i'm adding them right now) and Allies with special relationship
- New elements do divert you from the train/fight cycle. (like Fishing!)
- A cool story that will be kinda mysterious and discrete, not thrown to the player face.

I do hope do be able to turn that cool little flash game into a very cool little Steam game, that people will play to relax and have simple and honest fun.

Thanks again for your kind feedback.

Simgirls (Full Version) Simgirls (Full Version)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I've been following this game ever since the first version of this game came out ten years ago. And I've been following your progress and ups and down since then and in all honesty, like many other great works that had on and offs in motivations, I thought this would be another abandoned half-completed great wonder for us to wait for in all eternity. But you completed it - you were a man of your word and you finished what you started. For that, I respect you. That is not something I say lightly.

The game has come a long way from the simple one-ending, one-girl game that this originated from. Now there are 5 different endings and and even more girls to choose from. You have added a lot of relatively fun and classic side games like fighting and racing. One of my favorites was the modeling side game. While the graphics are not exactly first class, I didn't exactly expect it to be first class save for the adult scenes. It is only a sim after all. Imagination, interactivity with the characters, and the simulation world as well as the amazing hentai scenes is what made this game enjoyable and famous. With that being said, there are a few parts I want to review and analyze to you in detail:

Characters: I like the wide selectivity of girls to select from and date. Their interactions with you the different scenarios resulting from different choices was fun. I enjoy how there is a shy girl, a popular girl, two weird girls (being Karin and Sana), your childhood friend, and your teacher to choose from. That being said, while some characters were really well-developed, like Tomoko (obviously, who was your first character anyway. I give her part 5 stars out of 5. No qualms there), other characters were honestly a bit sloppy. Kotomi was the 2nd most well developed character and I was expecting a more in-depth background about her other than her being a dancer who had flatulence problems and was going to Germany. For example, Tomoko is obviously insecure and has a broken family and trust problems and you even involved her family in it. Kotomi had no such thing. Ami is even worse. You have practically NO development with her and figure out nothing or her personal background until the end. Her only saving grace was the ending, but even that was ruined by Karin (see "ending next). That being said, she is practically the only and most loyal girl to you and I like her. Perhaps that's why I was most affected. Karin's character development was a bit better with her unique background from being in the future. While I understand this is a hentai game, this is also a DATING simulation where feelings and understanding the girl is just as important, which is why you also made a romantic, non-hentai ending for Tomoko, I presume.

Endings: This is another part I want to expand on. Tomoko's part was great! You made two endings for her and it was very well thought out! I liked how you drew out parallels in both hentai and innocent. Kotomi, Ami, and Karin's endings mingled with each other and I honestly did not like that. I preferred that you either did not involve other girls in it or have an option/ending for only one girl to be involved. I think you shared some scenes between characters because you were just being lazy. Ami's original ending from the previous version was very sad and romantic. It involved her and only her and made it a lot more personal and in-depth. I loved it! It was my favorite ending and I honestly did not know why you decided to change it to involve the other girls. Karin's ending was well-thought out I admit and Kotomi's ending was more romantic than Hentai. If you want to give Tomoko a hentai and innocent ending, you should have probably added one for Kotomi soon.

I think I ranted enough. While I may sound harsh, I DID give this a near full rating. I know that you were in a rush to complete the game and it made this game have a lot of holes. But it's still a timeless classic for new artists to learn after! Props to you for an amazing game! I really look forward to Simgirls 2! Don't take 10 years this time, though!

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sim-man responds:

Great review. Yes I can't spend another few years to further develop this free game and I really need to move on to SG2 (don't worry it will be a full-time project, if I can get investors, or I won't start it at all). I rushed to finish the game so I could only fully developed Tomoko and leave other girls as supporting characters. I think Tomoko is a challenge/fun for me because I like to give some depths to a typical pornstar-like character who usually dies first in horror movies.

I agree with most of your points. I just want to defend Ami's ending a bit. According to the game story the player pays very little attention to Ami during the course of the game, so somehow I want to show the sudden change of heart at the end. It makes more sense to me but I can see how Ami's fans want a more "complete" experience with her. I will keep this in mind and for SG2, I will make sure all girls enjoy the same level of attentions from SimMan lol!!

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Stuff to think about... and a review

To tell you the truth, I think it's ridiculously generous that you're giving the general population a game of this caliber for free, an outstanding game hand-drawn and custom-made by something like this should be sold not distributed freely. But because of how the sheer amount of effort, the sheer greatness of the game, and how much you've developed the game from the first Epic Battle Fantasy will not let my conscience freely give you anything less than a 10.

That being said, because you announced on your facebook and deviant-art page that you're making a 4 and 5, there are quite a few things that I would suggest that I would like you to note.

1. What to keep:

I love the humor and conversations that parody other video games, like how you made fun of breaking into NPC houses and stealing their stuff, the "Oh no a puzzle area, we're too stupid to figure this out", etc. Keep that. And you can expand on it, too. This is one of areas of expertise that I really love.

Keep the personality of the main characters and developing them.

Keep your imagination of the characters, the world, the setting and the plot. Keep up the effort and keep up the good work.

Keep the music artist or at least music from a musician the same level. Phyrnna (HalcyonicFalconX) is on par with your own talent in terms of music. I'm seriously going to buy a soundtrack from her after I pay off my medical school debt. (Stupid debt).

2. What to change:

Well... you've kept most of the moves from the previous two epic battle fantasies. Not saying it's a bad thing, but maybe you can consider thinking of completely new ones instead of making like... 80% of them the same?

3. What I suggest:

Separating the characters and letting us find them one by one: For example, there's a new threat to the world, and one blast blows up the entire land that sends Matt, Natalie, Lance (and whatever new character you may add) flying to different lands. They get separated into different places and you get to find them one by one. Not only does it allow players the excitement of uncovering and finding old characters along the way, it allows you the chance to mysteriously introduce new characters AND allows you the appreciate how special each and unique characters are. (For example, we get to appreciate how important Natalie's heal, or Lance's support attacks are).

Automated and Summoned Battle Characters: Lance conquered the world. And there are only three slots (one main character each). If bosses are allowed five slots, then why don't you let Lance summon say... super soldiers to fight alongside of them? Until they either die, run out of magic, or just last 10 turns or so. I'm also disappointed you didn't allow any of the characters to summon a dragon or a mythical creature like that (though cats are amazing, I'd like to see some more of what epic moves you can make).

Perhaps upgradable speed? You may want to consider adding speed as a stat, so that faster characters can use multiple moves in a single turn. That would be epic (more epic than your already epic game, of course).

Adding a sky setting? I've always wanted to see how you'll draw a battle on a sky or a flying ship (where the background is moving and the wind is blowing).

4. What to develop on:

Quests: You may want to expand on quests. I know they're annoying to some players, but they are also extremely crucial to having a fun time and are part of an RPG. You may want to consider making some of the quests much more complex.

Plot: You may want to consider a more complex plot. I love your style and I expect more twists, more turns, and much more storyline.

Art: Your art is already beyond what I can describe in words and gone into the realm of the Gods. But even I, a mere mortal, can see that you've only unleashed 30% of your full potential. You've got a whole life ahead of you. I want to see the limits of your talent. And yes you have talent. Natural born talent that only one in every ten million people may have. (I'm not exaggerating).

Keep up the good work, man! And... I'm out of words....

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LARRY: Doug-Out LARRY: Doug-Out

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Ugh...I think you could seriously have done better

Hey man. Thought the first Larry game would be about Larry, but I suppose it could be about any character from Karryon. Not disappointed, but rather surprised, mate.

The animation in itself is wonderful and so was the voice acting. The music is wonderful to listen to and the sound was also pretty nice. The concept was pretty simple, but addicting. Now, while the game does have a good potential, there are some annoying issues.

What most people and I dislike most about the game (and hence the 3.9 score) is the imbalance of the game. The game speeds up too fast and the cash flow is much too low. And there are quite a glitches that are very annoying.

For example, to counter Doug stealing your ale, you have to hit him more and more times per level. However, as you spend most of your time beating him bloody, you waste time and when you upgrade to, say, the 200 dollars weapon, it's near if not impossible to get the 500 dollars weapon. And if you spend the first few rounds upgrading quality, you increase the cash flow, but not by enough. I'd suggest upping the cash you get from increasing quality and increase it by a much larger scale.

Another thing about Doug would be how you click on him and it takes 5 clicks to get McSweeny to hit him. I would increase the area effect in which your click would allow you to hit him.

So, aside from those, what else could be done? Well to start with, helpers would be nice. Assistants (sort of like auto turrets in shooting games) for examle could help balance the game. They could give you a steady cash flow while you beat the fuck out of Doug or body guards that could screen out parts of Doug. And having the option to kill Doug would also be really satisfying, but I suppose that'll defeat the purpose of the game.

Upgrades on walking speed would also be nice. He takes a really long time to get to the back that before you hit Doug, he'll have taken a sip. A person wanting to send Doug flying would probably run there instead of leisurely walking there.

And slow down on the difficulty scales. Instead of being linear like what it should be, it reaches exponential explosion in which our adapation could not keep up with the increase difficulty.

So far, because of the imbalances, there are a few medals that most people agree would be literally impossible to achieve: the 2000 dollar medal, beat a level without Doug stealing Ale after level 5, and the full upgrades medals. As mentioned before, the frustration from playing the game will cause people to vote low. And it's something that you can change by tweening it a bit to make it more suitable for us.

If not, then at least make 3 difficulties: Easy, normal, and hard. That could help us adapt and potentially up the score by a bit.

I hope you're not disappointed by the score. It's not that we don't hate the game, it's just that we're frustrated to the point that click on 0 to get revenge for the fact that we can't get the medals we want.

Another thing that probably doesn't have to do with the game balance is probably giving us an ending. Many (probably most) hate games with infinite levels because it NEVER ENDS, and you assume that we eventually meet an end because we can't keep up. But what we hope for is an ending scene or at least a message for a goal to look forward to.

Sorry man, just a bit frustrated like everyone else that I probably ended up ranting. Looking forward to Larry 2 and the other games. Take into account our suggestions and hopefully everything will work out.

Still your bud and fan,

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Meet'N'Fuck: Secret Agent Meet'N'Fuck: Secret Agent

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice, as usual

Somehow, I think you should incorporate kissing into the game. Making out with the girl is pretty much an important step in getting a girl to slip into bed with you. That's probably a concept to think about.

Great concept, and good to have a story going and simulating rather than just seeing videos of girls screwing you. It's fun.

And trust me, like all your games, it'll make the front page.

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Infectonator : World Dom Infectonator : World Dom

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good, though I disagree on some concepts

First, I'd like to say congratulations to your hard work - the world domination version was a pretty big hit. It started from a 60 second all-you-can-infect-buffet to a christmas holiday version, and now to this. Though it was quite enjoyable, I think there were a few things you were overly ambitious about, and thus lacked a few things. Although I will not complain, as if you put world regions, there will always be people saying how you are unfair to their region, etc. However, a few things I want to point out just to get it off my chest.

1. Eh... how do you decide between population, wealth, and defense of a country? For example, there are countries with huge populations and little defense, some with little population and huge wealth, and small populations with high defense, etc. China has over a billion people, and yet its total population was the lowest in the game. What's with that? America has the biggest military power along with Russia, etc, but population-wise, not really. What you could do is, say - China has 200~300 people, but not a lot of heroes or special agents if you don't think China has strong military power. China is a developing country, but parts of China are still wealthy. America is wealthy, strong, but not as populated. Lower the population, etc, etc. If you need to do it this way, however, tell us why certain parts of the world are like this: Ex - right before we enter the region for the first time, say China, you could do a news flash "Chinese people fled from China, not many people stay, and thus the low population." That was what bugged me most about the game. And also, Korea is not part of China. ==" Don't put Seoul as a city of China.

2. Each region its own hero. Japan's first thing that comes to mind are ninjas and anime - put Naruto in or something. China has bruce Lee or Jackie Chan or other kung-fu heroes. Put those in for China. USA has too many heroes. Pick one and only one. Russia lacks its own heroes, Australia lacks its own heroes, etc. Or a least one hero per continent. It's not hard to relate movies to the country.

3. Regarding the extra features: - extra clicks was definitely a very unexpected feature to the game. So were the special zombies you could employ. I've always wanted that. Those are very good points about the game. You've kept the upgrades, but you've also made the game almost impossible to fully upgrade. I upgraded to over 20 and still haven't completely upgraded to everything. Unless we click on the "skip" button right before we dominate the region, it's impossible, and I mean, impossible, to upgrade all the special zombies and the regular upgrades. How are we supposed to get all the achievements?

4. And... there's something you should probably have put in the game - a time limit before getting captured. Humans are not stupid. If regions are getting infected, agencies and national guards will want to try to capture you. Scientists will do autopsies on zombies and realize they were infected and there is someone out there. Make it a bit more realistic to make it more challenging and tell it to us: For example, the more we try to attack a single region, the higher the percentage of the population is armed. You need to constantly move around or the FBI or CIA will track down your location. You need to do it within a time frame, say, 100 days (or 200) before they cracked down on your secret hideout. I mean, they fight back on the zombies, but surely they're not so stupid as to not to try to find out the cause, right?

Overall, a splendid game with a few things I needed to point out just to get it off my chest. Infectonator is a brillian concept, but World domination should probably be the last of the trilogy - or you could move on to a futuristic version like a Star Wars Infectonator where we expand to outer space. But remember, too much infectonator games will render it repetitive and repetitive is boring. A concept can only be developed to a certain extent before you can't add anything new. Remember KISS: Keep it simple s__. (whatever you want to put there).

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toge-games responds:

Wow.. first of all thank you for this long and detailed review..
Well in my defense, the game has 84 levels, I don't want to put too much effort in calculating each country's population and wealthiness, or else I won't be able to release it this soon.
Last but not least, I just want to create an enjoyable and fun game, and it seems... I did fine :)

Toss the Turtle Toss the Turtle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game!

My Record...OMFG

2,406,558.8 ft!!!
Used like... 20 nukes though.

No high score table? Damn it! XD

Super Mario 63 Super Mario 63

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is going to be tough to write...

I've done major reviews for games of tremendous effort, and needless to say, this game has caught my eye to be what may be the biggest sprite game in all of newgrounds.

I'd like to thank you for your hard work in this game. It was fun, original, and the art was simply amazing. I also enjoyed how you put the toads to life and parodied everything from spider-toad to politics and games. And WOW I could design my own levels! OMFG!!!

So it is extremely difficult for me to point out flaws for a game in which you poured so much of your heart and soul in.

However, I see your potential. I really think you could do a lot better, especially in parts I would mention below. So I would ask you to read without bias, as I am a major fan of this game and of you. So take your time to read the criticism below and if you'd like, you can discuss (or argue) with me. I'll be happy to talk anytime if you disagree.

Here goes:

1. The game was extremely fun at first, but it gets repetitive. Why? Because it's almost always hopping across platforms. I could simply divide the game into 3 major missions: Collecting stuff, mazes or platforms, and bosses. You're missing out so much on what Mario 64 had that you didn't. For instance, what happened to the koopa races? What happened to diving and catching that pesky bunny? You have a huge imagination. Use it. Think beyond just outside the box. Think 4th or 5th dimension. For instance, you can allow mario to ride in a spaceship and turn this into a cool shooting game. You could arm mario with fireballs. And most of all, you could allow access to yoshi, a feature I've always wanted for Mario 64.

2. The health problem is driving lots of people crazy, not just me. You need 5 coins instead of just the regular 1 to regain a hit point and the metal cap doesn't make you invincible. I mean, how many creatures can hurt a person made of solid steel? Speaking of creatures, I think we have a major population crisis of them. They are always placed at the most inconvenient of places as if you want to make us get hurt without thinking about it. At least in Mario 64, they warn you.

3. No offense intended, but the orb of power idea is so... uh... retarded. I don't know, probably because it has almost nothing to do with Mario. You've taken something of no relation to Mario and added it. It's like adding legs to snakes. It doesn't make sense. You could've at least called it the "dark sprite." Or something Mario. I was like... where did the Orb of Power come from?

4. There's too little bosses, and all of them too repetitive and easy. Bowser for instance. You toss him into spikes. Big deal. What would be awesome would be if you gave the last Bowser 3 forms. The first form you'd have to toss him into spikes for 3 times. Then he gains metal powers and he's immune to spikes, but there's a countdown time and he runs out of power and has to charge. You grab him then. And in the last form, it's a chase scene where you're riding yoshi and you hurl fireballs while he looks behind running away and fires at you. Something like that. Be more creative with the bosses. And also, I wanted to kick Kamek's ass. He's annoying. But you can't even touch him. What's with that?

5. You need a more detailed and well-layed out map to keep track of the game process. For instance, I know I'm missing the 3rd star coin in level 3 for instance. But WHERE in level 3? It gets confusing trying to keep track of the star coin or shine sprites that you missed.

6. You also need a much more solid plot. I mean, the plot where the bad guy kidnaps girl, the bad guy sets traps for good guys, the bad guys go berserk with power, and the good guy beats the bad guy, and then the good guy is trapped in a fire and then escape is used much too many times. Again, think outside the box. For instance, Bowser is controlled by the orb of... DARK SPRITE, and he loses control. But where is the source of the dark sprite? Now THAT would be cool.

Hope I didn't hurt your feelings too much. It's still a great game.

Hope to see more from you!

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Storm the House 3 Storm the House 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hmm... this is going to be a tough and long one

Okay, so this is the third entry to your smash hit series "Storm the House." When I saw the title, I thought that WE were the ones who STORM the house, not our house being STORMED. lol.

Well, there's always the pros and cons in the review, so let's start with the pros.

1. Nice variety of characters and weapons to select from. I like how you are able to upgrade them and select tactically which to use so that you can't become all powerful, making the game rather challenging, which will be one of the cons, but we'll get to that later.
2. Excellent gameplay, and a variety of gameplay. LOL at the Sparta spoof game. The campaign was excellent, but I enjoyed the minigames a bit more. It was pretty fun to kill 300. lol
3. Overall nice graphics and smooth animations.
4. An overall excellent series.

Cons - forgive me, but I have A LOT to complain about.

1. The game is mad annoying and hard, but worst of all... LONG. Especially since that there are 40 levels in a campaign, and I usually only get one hour to play, it is virtually impossible to finish all 40, actually, hard to even get past level 20 because I have a time limit. I strongly advise a "save option."
2. The gunmen are so weak... they virtually do shit. I had a squad of up to 30 soldiers and I'm STILL being rushed like mad with a group right at my fence beating and smashing my castle to smithereens.
3. The upgrades are way too expensive and the fact that killing soldiers give you so little money, damn it.
4. There's no "anti-heavy armor" weapon. It is virtually hard to kill those mecha bots and tanks especially at the last few levels. Well, the chainsaw and the laser are options, but the laser is so f***ing slow and the chainsaw is pretty much weak and REALLY timeconsuming to reload EVEN when it's fully upgraded with all its ammo and damage. Grenade launchers won't kill them unless you fire 9 direct shots. And not even old glory can kill them all in time. So what does that leave? The turrets? The turrets are limited, damn it.
5. Well, I'd suggest that you are able to deploy some troops of your own instead of just defending by yourself. At least allow some infantry to leave your home. You can upgrade that house to add barracks, a research lab, blacksmith, woodsmith, medic lab, etc. That way you could turn your home into a small town or city. I won't be feeling so lonely.
6. PLOT DAMN IT. At least allow a story mode where there's a point to the meaningless slaughter. I mean, why is your damn house being stormed? you can't expect us to just go into a game and say, "Oh, my house is being stormed, I'll just defend my house with absolutely no clue as to why I'm being attacked. Oh well." You know "The Last Stand" series, right? At least there are journals and stories. I need a reason to fight. We need a plot, and some characters.
7. Could you at least add some "special attacks" like in "Age of War"? Like raining ducks, er... arrows, thunderstorm, blizzard, etc.
8. We need anti-air turrets, and not just the laser turrets. The turrets are way too weak and slow. The missle turrets are good for wide coverage, but weak against anti armor. The lasers fire way too slow, and even with a mix of them the last level you are overwhelmed by the sheer number of heavy armor troops. And I'm playing at normal mode, too!

Well, that sums it up pretty well, and I pretty much vented my fury. Sorry about that =P. But great game overall, and yes I played storm the house 2, which I really enjoyed.

Well, other things you can do is change the terrain a bit. Oh, and I miss that gravity fielder thingy (the vacuum thing). You could add a "black hole gate" that sucks all the troops into a black hole and oblivion.

I would like to be able to summon giant monsters. Goliaths, Golems, Dragons, etc. That would be pretty cool.

You ARE going to make storm the house 4, right? Can you actually allow the option of allowing US to deploy the troops and STORM that house instead of defending it? I mean, that's why it's called "Storm the House" right?

But well done

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Hunted Forever Hunted Forever

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow - great game for once!

Congrats on your first score to have surpassed a 4 -star rating. The gameplay was smooth, the automated support system was hilarious, and it was pretty imaginative.

I liked it! I hope to see more from you, soon.

Um... an addition of a plot would be nice. A few cinematics maybe, but do what you feel is best. I'll be rooting for you!